DIY Christmas decoration - fir

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This sheet of Christmas fir patterns can be used in two ways : inside your bullet journal, or as a Christmas decoration to hang where you want. Either way, this product needs to be printed.

This two pages PDF is divided in an already colored sheet, and a black and white one, in order to free your creativity, or the kids' creativity! And cherry on the cake (or decoration on the tree?), this decoration will not fall to pieces if the cat decides to climb the fir or to shake it...

The colors on the photographies might not reflect the true colors of what you'll see on screen.


How to create your DIY Christmas decoration?

Fiirst, here's a list of what you'll need :

  • a printed sheet of patterns
  • scissors
  • glue
  • cardboard or thick paper
  • thread and needle
  • optional but useful if the cardboard is very thick: a precision cutter (+ cutting board to protect your table)
  • optional : sewing scissors

list of crafting materials

Cut the patterns that you like. If you want your decoration to be two-sided (recto-verso), your patterns must be reflections of each other in a mirror. It won't work if you use the same patterns.

Stick the first pattern on the cardboard. Cut the excess cardboard.

cutting in progress

You can now stick the secoond pattern on the other side of the cardboard.

avant collage du deuxième côté

Put the thread inside the need, and then pass the needle into the circle. Bigger patterns have wider circles in order to make room for thicker threads.

avec l'aiguille on passe le fil à travers le carton

Make a knot, cut the excess thread.

And voilà, your homemade Christmas decoration is finished!



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